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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our extensive line of human resource products and services. is your source for professional and accurate research information and can meet even the most demanding of your outsourcing expectations. specializes in assisting you with your employment needs. Our greatest service is our ability to provide you with raw management power. The opportunity for success and security within your organization is greatly enhanced once you take the steps to make a smart hire by finding out about your applicants before you hire. In fact, negligent hiring legislation throughout over half of the country now holds employers accountable for ensuring they have such management control. By making the decision to run a course of preventative maintenance and secure your company's safety and foundation, you develop a staff that can perform with professionalism and heightened productivity.

At this point, you may be wondering, "How does provide you with the solutions you need to succeed? Our power comes from our extensive service capacities. is a full-service company, offering assistance in many areas of human resources including pre-employment screening, drug testing, employee evaluation tools, and consultation on a wide array of security issues. In addition, the introduction of our program places our services as close as your personal computer or fax machine. Designed to save you time and money, CredentialVerificationServices.comprovides you with a powerful research database and access tool.

We invite you to learn more about by browsing through our web page filled with information regarding our selection of specific service capacities. If you have a question you need answered right away, feel free to e-mail us. At, we work with your needs in mind. We can custom tailor any of our services to fit your demands and are ready to process your requests today. Call now to find out more about the caliber of our clients and the wide span of industries served by our professionals. has earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and service by providing thorough and discreet employee background screening services at a reasonable cost. All areas of concern are covered and a wide array of services are as close as your computer or fax machine.

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Studies show that employers spend little or no time checking the statements applicants make on their applications. Some employers make only a few perfunctory calls to previous employers. Most make no calls at all.

That's understandable. Most companies are unwilling to provide anything beyond a confirmation of employment dates and it seems a waste of time to call the personal references provided by the applicant. Checking public records for criminal convictions or Worker's Compensation histories can be a monumental task if you don't know where to start. Maintaining the appropriate data bases and on-line subscriptions required to obtain driver's reports and credit profiles are tedious and expensive. is experienced in developing standardized nationwide screening for large companies concerned with multi-jurisdictional applications, and also meets the specific demands of the small business needing a hand while making hiring decisions. To protect you, we continually strive to stay abreast of changing legislation as it relates to employee hiring procedures and screening.


Verification Services

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